Royals & Rogues is run by creatives gone business. Being bilingual is one of our greatest strengths, we not only know what needs to be done but also how to do it. Ensuring there is no wasted time or promises by sales people that cannot be realized.


 We are able to be extremely flexible as we keep operation costs low, no penthouse studios, no in office bar that our clients get to pay for, just clean and efficient work done by the best. You see, we hand select each team from our catalog of professional dossiers. This means that whoever is working on your project is THE best fit, not whoever we happen to have on hand or in house. This also makes us scalable we will be catering our team to you, not making you pay for team members who aren't even working on your project.


Oh, and did we mention that we cut out the middle man? Being a hybrid production agency means we not only are the ones planning the job, but executing it with crack team of specialists. All the bloat and waste of traditional agencies handing off projects to smaller studios is saved and and the value is passed on to you.

Creatives gone business.


We partner with Brands and IPs to create unique media

that draws in fans they didn't know they had.

Sell your story

not your soul.


Alec Miller


Alec is a self made creative gone business. He freelanced as a motion director working for some of the world's biggest brands, and has been called in by multiple studios as a "pipeline doctor" to get productions up to speed. Alec has become savvy at clear communication and managing pipelines of all sizes.

Alec is a project assassin, looking for the perfect way to execute tasks at peak efficiency. However he isn't above getting his hands dirty to make a project succeed. If that means hanging out of a jeep with the camera operator to assure the right shot or staying up all night to make get an edit is just right. He is what give our projects the polish of professional creative.



You have more fans than you realize. But the vast majority do not know you exist. Not because you aren't well known, but because they aren’t currently in your market.


Reader’s love your detective book, but what about mystery podcast fans? How do you get them involved? By taking out ad space on a big podcast? Possibly. But what if you could actually introduce them to your characters, with a small living breathing window into your world?


Your game doesn’t just have great game play but also fantastic art and music. What if you had a music video to attract fans who aren’t in the traditional games market. Selling them a game isn't going to work. Showing a world full of beautiful art and music that they can be a part of however, is much more effective.

Robert Norman


Most people become confused when they find out Robert double majored in Film and Theater in college only to go on to work in finance. It is a strange combination, but every industry needs someone to help manage budgets and schedules.

After a brief time in the Film industry, Robert taught himself finance and economics to earn a job working for the Vanguard Group. Eventually,he ended up back in a creative industry working as an Operations and Project Manager for a branding agency. Now he uses his financial background to help and his project management skills to keep projects moving like clockwork while staying under budget, a win for everyone.

These talents set Robert apart as he not only understands how to run a tight ship but also what the creative crew needs to get the job done.




gone business.